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WildHorse Disc Golf Course, Henderson Nevada. Home of the Las Vegas Challenge (LVC) (LVDGC)

Disc Golf, Disc Golf and Promoting Disc Golf

Last updated Jan. 25, 2019

The 2019 LAS VEGAS CHALLENGE was a great success with 580 players kicking off the 2019 Disc Golf Season - Videos and More.

Disc Golfing in Las Vegas and Henderson WildHorse Disc Golf Course is the home of the Las Vegas Challenge (LVC) and Great Morning and Afternoon Disc Golfing

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Board Gaming Info on Games that I enjoy playing and think worth sharing

My Small Board Gaming Table

Last updated Jan. 25, 2019

After 20+ years away from the Board Gaming hobby, I'm so impressed by where the hobby has gone and where it is going.  Here you will find what  games I enjoy playing with my family,  friends and solo against the games themselves.  The feeling of getting away from electronics and sitting at a table to play a game and interact with friends and family is refreshing. 

Here is BGG post of the Top Games of 2018 (by user Pard on BGG)

My Current Board Game Collection
Simon Sinek and Tony Hsieh are two of the top Thought Leaders and Corporate Culture Games Changers

Thought Leaders and Game Changers

Last updated Jan. 4, 2019

The Picture to the left is of Simon Sinek and Tony Hsieh.  Simon and Tony are two of the Top Thought Leaders and Corporate Culture Changers in the world! If you want to change how you see the world and want to make it a better place you will want to watch and read these.

Find out more about these truly fascinating people